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This is the portfolio site of art director and designer, Maureen Brumbach. 


Maureen is a strategic Art Director who works with organizations and teams to bring the personality of their brand to life while driving results at the same time. She knows that consumers can be a brand's best advocate and that building their trust through upper funnel marketing can lead to a life long consumer.  

Most recently Maureen has helped transform the creative approach at ProFlowers, by introducing a direct response e-commerce company to brand building techniques. She's had her hand in holiday campaign work, photo art direction, video production, social content and PR strategy there, and has built teams to support the vision. 

Maureen has advocated for better processes and a less siloed approach in order for creative teams to truly do their best work. By connecting all the "dots", a brand can tell a cohesive story to acquire that lifelong consumer. 

Maureen holds a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design Communication from Philadelphia University, Pennsylvania and now lives in San Diego, California. 

When not designing or in the photo studio, you'll find her scoping out restaurants, traveling, surfing and enjoying the great outdoors. 

Additional samples available upon request.